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We look forward to your comments or questions here on our blog, but if you want to contact us individually via email:

Allen Cohrs

Bob German

Brian Myers

Phil Matiussi

Roger Netsch

Ron Smith


11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jon A. Soliday, Menlo Park, CA

    Sorry to hear about the bikes and gear. Those scumbags. Glad you decided to keep going.

  2. Pilot51

    You gentlemen are amazing! We will keep tabs on you the whole way! Best of luck and be safe!

    Kariann Voigts

  3. Bev & Glenn Rowe

    Bob, Glenn & I read with interest your blog. Will try to keep following you all the way. We just got back from Tucson Az on Sun. My sister lives in SD. Maybe her underground condo garage would have been a safe place to put your trailer overnight. She’s down by the Midway Ship/navel area. Hope you have good luck the rest of the way. Sounds like a great trip & time. Bev & Glenn in cold Iowa!

  4. Forrest Ridgway

    Glad to see everyone made the decision to keep moving forward after the stolen bike issue. Looking forward to the many stories that come from an epic event like this. Have a GREAT time and be safe out there. Leigh from our West store winters in AZ and may be popping in to see you in the next day or so. Let us know if you need anything along the way!
    Forrest Ridgway

  5. Rita Bianchi

    After a rocky start, it sounds like the STCR is going strong. I’ve enjoyed following your amazing biking adventures (from the sedentary comfort of my chair) with the great blogs and pictures. Safe travels.

  6. Jim Bingman

    See you are in New Orleans big bike race starts there this weekend,goes to Florida. Maybe you will run into them. A recumbent team called Team Vite Racing is riding in it. Really enjoying the blogs.

  7. Joan L

    Loved keeping up with your travels…sorry it is over…but so glad you are headed home safe and sound and full of memories that will last a life time!!! And best of all …you are all still friends…what an adventure!!!

    1. Forrest Ridgway

      Hey guys, Can you bring back a bit of spring when you head home? Looks like another great adventure was had by all, glad everyone is safe. Can’t wait to hear all of the stories (lies?) Congratulations on a great achievement. See you soon! Forrest Ridgway


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