St Augustine, Florida

After the celebration on the beach, a good meal and a good night’s sleep the STCR Crew had one more day to enjoy the sights and warmth of St Augustine, Florida, before heading back to the reluctant spring of Iowa. Linda, Sue and Pam had already been at their beach condo for several days, so Brian, Roger and I moved in with them being careful to respect the routine they had already established. Although I never did quite get it down, it had a lot to do with the beach and Starbucks coffee in the morning, while the afternoon focused on the beach, a wine & cheese happy hour, and out for dinner. While we three struggled to learn this new ritual, Ron, Phil, Allen, and Jill got rooms at a nearby Best Western Motel and came to the condo to learn the beach, happy hour, out to dinner part of the routine quite nicely.

Nearly 450 years old, St. Augustine, Fl. is the oldest city in the U.S. and we found plenty to see during our short stay. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is the oldest masonry fort of the Spanish colonial era in the continental U.S. and has a fascinating history. The churches, shops, harbor, restaurants and narrow streets of old St. Augustine, along with the beautiful sugar-sand beaches made our crew unanimous in it’s decision to return sometime soon.

The two day ride back to Iowa was a long one as most trips home from an adventure are. I can’t help but think that the members of the STCR crew spent at least some of that windshield downtime in a little self reflection on what this journey across the southern U.S. has meant to them. As the unpacking and washing of clothes gets done over the next couple days, I have asked each crew member to write down their final thoughts about this adventure we shared. When I have them all I will add one final blog post to our story.













20130424-112742.jpg Our condo on the beach




9 thoughts on “St Augustine, Florida

  1. Eva Dobson

    Glad the Tall Dogs made it. What an experience! And I will miss the updates everyday too. Can you plan another trip????

  2. Rick Glessner

    A great experience for you all. I’ve enjoyed your daily postings and look forward to getting out on the road. Hopefully you brought some warm weather back with you.

  3. Jeani Shepherd

    Loved your blog through your journey….even Brian’s ramblings!! Ha! I’ll look forward to your compilation of final thoughts! Thanks for taking the time to do this as you traveled!


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