Adventure Accomplished! 4/16/13

It was a warm start to the last morning of our biking adventure as we rode out of East Palatka towards St Augustine. The light fog burned off quickly to provide the STCR crew with a virtually flat 50 mile ride. And I do mean flat, we climbed only 147 feet during the entire day and that must have been mainly the bridges and overpasses.
The fields along the road were growing acres of potatoes and cabbage. The potatoes were in all stages of maturity: some ready to harvest, some just blooming, and some just coming through the ground.
Since the day was such a short one we only made one stop, which was at Molasses Junction. It was actually just an ancient crossroad convenience store about 19 miles from the beach in St Augustine. Jill went on ahead to meet up with Sue, Linda and Pam at the beach for our celebratory conclusion. After the tire dipping pictures on the beach, the ladies offered two bottles of champagne that we all shared a toast with. We are thankful that we have come through this entire adventure with no major accidents, injuries or illnesses. Considering the time on the road and the number of miles we traveled, that is a major accomplishment in itself.

After some relaxation on the beach, the whole group went to the Saltwater Cowboy Restaurant to celebrate our adventure’s conclusion.

20130416-213047.jpg Brian was ambushed last night while sleeping in the van.

20130416-213245.jpg Ready to leave for St Augustine on the last day.





20130416-213653.jpg Potato fields






20130416-214144.jpg Bridge from downtown to St Augustine beach












30 thoughts on “Adventure Accomplished! 4/16/13

  1. Karen Knape

    Great job guys! I enjoyed the reading about your adventures and admiring the photos. Safe ride home!

  2. Joe Sullivan

    Congratulations to the whole team and support crew for the STCR!!! That is an amazing accomplishment and as a fellow Iowan and RAGBRAI regular, I commend you for a beautiful adventure and dream trip!! It takes so much planning and I have really enjoyed watching you cross the USA, especially Texas, where I live now. Hope to see you guys at RAGBRAI and hear some more stories! I’m kind of sad it’s over because I looked forward to the pictures every night. I’ve always dreamed of a cross-country bike tour and would love to do it one day. Thanks guys for your blog!!!
    Joe Sullivan, Fort Worth, Tx

  3. Jeannie Aldredge (Allen's Future SIL)

    Thanks for letting us ride along on the blog & through pictures. It was like a “virtual” vacation! I loved it & I’m going to miss it greatly. I’ll be waiting eagerly for your next adventure! Congrats to all of you on achieving your dream! Safe travels back to Iowa.

  4. Kevin Knape

    Congratulations Old Dog’s! You are the hardiest dogs in my book. What a great trip and thanks for showing us how to realize your goals while living your dreams and keeping us posted every step of the way!

  5. Mark DiJulio (stickman)

    Congrats to all! Looking forward to trying that route someday myself! I really enjoyed the daily updates and pics.

  6. Lovely Dog

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Reading your daily blog makes me want to jump on a bike and view the countryside also…..only Mike and I will do this journey on the Harley! Thanks for sharing and great job!….and Brian, thanks for smiling for the camera!
    Lovely Dog

  7. Lora

    Yay for you guys. We followed you the entire way. Great pics and adventures. A group of us are thinking of next spring, same thing. Wish I had your van and trailer over here in Oregon,

  8. Darrell Bauman

    Thanks for sharing your journey and adventure. We should all take time to enjoy the world around us, rather than get bogged down in the little things that distract us. Congratulation and God bless all of you.

  9. Cindy Angel

    Congratulations guys! I really enjoyed reading your posts every day and seeing the photos. I am going to miss the daily updates!

  10. Jerry McClelland

    Great job guys. I was hooked on reading about your adventures every night. It was my vicarious vacation. See you guys soon.

  11. Carol Wisnousky

    Congratulations to all of you and your drivers on a successful and safe journey. I enjoyed your daily posts and pictures. (Bob, I am sure it was a bit easier this trip to keep us the journal.) Thank you for the nice tribute to Tom and Dan. I know they were cheering you on. As for the Flat Tire Derby . . . looks like my man Wiz is still the winner!! Maybe they make better tires today. I enjoyed the picture of Phil after his flat in LA and helping Roger look for his phone. Roger, thank goodness you at least had ONE flat. Cheers guys – what a wonderful accomplishment.

    Mrs. Wiz – Carol

    1. Roger Netsch

      We had a lot of fun with the Wiznousky Memorial Flat Tire Derby. Well, let me rephrase that- I had a lot of fun with the flat tire derby. I came about 330 miles short of not having a flat tire at all. Believe me, I was constantly reminding the guys every time one of them had a flat. Tom would have gotten a chuckle from it and Dan would have wanted to “clock” me like my riding partners frequently did. Thought of your boys often on this trip.

  12. Dan Bertsch

    Congrats on a job well done. You have come a long way since those first days in San Diago. Enjoy your success and take a few days off.

    Dan Bertsch

  13. Esther Kauffeld-Hoffa

    Way to go. Mission accomplished! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. What a ride!!! This calls for much celebrating at home. Dan and Esther

  14. Bev & Glenn Rowe

    Way to go guys!!! We have enjoyed your blogs and all the beautiful pictures across the lower part of the United States. Thanks for sharing with us. What a great accomplishment for you all!
    Bev & Glenn

  15. Heidi

    Woot woot! Or should I say Woof woof!? Bravo to all the Tall Dogs! The blogs were tremendous, the pictures were wonderful, and it sounds lie Brian’s cooking was Tres magnifique! I hope to hear and see more of your exploits in the near future. Awesome! Ho-dog


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