Three Days and Counting

Very light sprinkle or two to start the 75 mile ride from White Springs to Gainesville, Fl. We put rain gear on and off several times during the day but the rain held off until after we got to our motel at 3:30 pm. Then the main storm hit and it literally poured for an hour plus. The crew was definitely lucky with the weather once again today.

This morning we stopped at a small town cafe for a great country breakfast at about mile 15 and then headed out again to try to dodge the sprinkles. We continue to see great numbers of vultures along the road doing what they do best – cleaning up the road kill.

The route today continued to give us great views of the countryside. Pastures of cattle, timberland, and the ever present Spanish Moss guided us into Gainesville. On our way across Gainesville we stopped by the University of Florida to tour “the swamp” better known as the Florida Gators football stadium.

20130414-191720.jpg Country cafe


20130414-192041.jpg How would you like vultures roosting on your house?


20130414-192233.jpg Nature’s armadillo road kill collector!








20130414-192900.jpg We noticed that mopeds are very popular on the University of Florida campus.


4 thoughts on “Three Days and Counting

  1. Kevin

    As usual, the pictures are beautiful. A word of caution. Though she looks harmless, I understand those gators can be very dangerous! Enjoy the remainder of your journey and just think, Bismark, ND got a foot of snow today. Soak up that Florida sunshine guys!


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