Florida, It’s Not All Sand and Swamp. 4/13/13

We had a cool 48 degree start to our 86 mile ride to White Springs, Fl. It soon warmed up for a beautiful ride into north central Florida. Early in the ride Brian found a dead snake along the road that he attached to his rear bike rack with bungee cords in order to show it to Allen in the next town. Let’s just say, Allen was less than impressed!

Later in the day we crossed the Suwannee River. It is a “black water” river, so called because of the high concentration of tannins that leach into it from decaying vegetation. The river was running full and the water really did look black.

Some of the pictures over the last few days have shown the Spanish Moss hanging in the trees. Actually it is not a moss at all but a bromeliad, a perennial herb in the pineapple family. It is so thick on many of the big oaks that we wondered if it kills the trees, but in fact it is not parasitic at all, and does not harm the tree.

This part of north central Florida is very agriculturally oriented. In addition to a number of center pivot irrigation corn fields, we saw a large number of cow herds on pasture. Timber stands of
loblolly pine trees were also prevalent which explains the many logging trucks we have encountered on the road. Baling pine needles to use in commercial landscaping was a new farming operation we witnessed at a rest stop. Another interesting thing we noticed is that all of the rural mailboxes face the ditch. The mailman drives off the road on the ditch side of the mailbox to deliver. This way he is off the road while at the box and doesn’t need a special car to deliver mail. Of course unlike Iowa they don’t need deep ditches to catch the snow.

I am sure you are tired of hearing us say we had a great ride again, but we did! To top it off,
Brian fixed guacamole, brats, chicken and sauerkraut to go with the three salads Jill purchased at the grocery store. Oh yes, and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Life is definitely good!








20130413-204850.jpg Spanish Moss



20130413-205100.jpg Slash left after pine tree harvest


20130413-205301.jpg Ditch delivered mail





20130413-205820.jpg Parking lot social hour after supper


One thought on “Florida, It’s Not All Sand and Swamp. 4/13/13

  1. Bart

    The river mentioned: Suwanee, Is that the same river as in “way down upon the Suwanee River? If so, it has it’s head waters in the black water of the Okeefenokee Swamp (as in the comic strip Pogo- from loooong ago). And I’d have to say the cattle in the pictures don’t look like the ones in Iowa-but they probably stand the heat better! Enjoy the last few days!!


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