Roger and Rattlesnakes – Both Flat on the Road 4/11/13

We left DeFuniak Springs, Fl. this morning at 7:30 am under the threat of rain with temperatures in the mid sixties and humidity very high. With 85 miles on the agenda today we assumed the weather would be an issue. It was just a question of how far we could get before getting wet. As Iowa riders know, rain gear worn in hot humid weather is almost counter-productive. You are either going to get wet from the outside in, or the inside out. We were on Highway 90 again for most of the day with a far amount of traffic but a good shoulder to ride on. We continue to be on the lookout for alligators. There is certainly a lot of swamp land along the road that seems like ideal gator territory to us, but so far we have only seen turtles in the water. The road kill count continues to include rattle snakes and armadillos. We just can’t seem to get Allen interested in taking any close up pictures of the dead snakes?

To some of you who follow this blog it may appear that Roger has thus far led a pretty charmed life on this adventure. After all, he was the only one who didn’t have their bike stolen in San Diego. He hasn’t had any flat tires for 2,360 miles. He has the pleasure of rooming with Ron, Phil and I. He seems to be the media darling of the group. Ok, so he has fallen a few times, actually four times, but who’s counting? (We are!). But he has reminded us one too many times of his “ability” to avoid flats. The rest of the crew were pretty much resigned to the fact that with those thick moped tires he is sporting would keep him flatless. However, today the charm was broken!!! I think the photos tell it best!

We pushed the pace a little to beat the rain and managed to get in by 4:15 pm local time after crossing into the Eastern Time Zone. Brian created a wonderful hors d’oeuvre supper tonight with guacamole, coleslaw, meatballs, little smokies, and fried oysters, all made at the camp stove. It was delicious!



20130411-194953.jpg The lucky charm is broken!


20130411-195112.jpg Brian helping his “buddy”, Roger, fix his flat.


20130411-195757.jpg Roger examines the culprit steel belted radial wire that punctured his bike tire.

20130411-195942.jpg Brian expressing the crew’s sympathy!


20130411-201337.jpg Phil took this shot for our Tall Dog buddy, Bear.





5 thoughts on “Roger and Rattlesnakes – Both Flat on the Road 4/11/13

  1. Jerry McClelland

    I was thinking of you guys as storms rolled through Alabama and were projected to hit the Florida panhandle. Sorry to see Roger enter the derby. I thought he was going to be perfect for the entire ride.


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