Tall Dogs and Big Dogs 4/10/13

Went to our first Waffle House of the trip this morning in Milton, Fl. before we headed out. All agreed it was good food at a reasonable price. It was warm right off so we didn’t need any coats again today. We are once again on Highway 90 for most of the day. Lots of traffic but a reasonable shoulder with a bike lane when we are in the bigger cities. Even better we had new smooth asphalt for at least the last twenty miles in.

As the blog has indicated we have had our share of dogs (mostly small) come out to greet us, especially in the southern states. But today we had a slightly different take on the dog chase. We were all riding in a group when a good sized dog came charging out at us. Ron was the first rider he greeted in a less than friendly manner, but then the dog realized that Roger on his lower recumbent was, shall we say, more at eye (or jaw) level! Now, Roger has found about every way there is to fall while on his bike: in the rain, in the sand, leaving a driveway, and even his infamous “stop, drop, roll and then clip out” valet parking maneuver. I now feared he was about to discover a new form of falling – the dog tackle. But at that instant the dog realized that Brian and I were also bearing down on him. The dog’s hesitation nearly caused it to collide with Brian as I gave them both a wide berth. The dog had one more charge left in him and that was towards Allen. Big mistake! Allen nailed it square in the face with his pepper spray. It was last seen making a hasty, whimpering retreat, no doubt with burnt nostrils and eyes.

As 5 of us were taking a break along the road at a convenience store in Moss Head, Allen graced us with his best Art imitation! As those of you who have been “stealthed” by Art know, (and that includes most of you Tall Dogs), this consisted of Allen riding by with his chin up, smiling, as he completely ignored us by looking the other way. A big shout out to Art, we are thinking of you daily.

We had pasta and meatballs, salad, and cheese bread for supper. Double stuff oreos for dessert. Life is good!






20130410-194916.jpg Heavy traffic!





20130410-195053.jpg Brian is either repacking yet again or he has finally been thrown off the ride!


5 thoughts on “Tall Dogs and Big Dogs 4/10/13

  1. Linda

    Maybe Brian is looking for the last of his cheese curls and cigars that mysteriously disappeared while he was at the Redneck Riviera! Just sayin’

  2. Pam

    Great pics! Can’t wait to feel the sun on my face and the sand between my toes! Has Allen mastered any more of Art’s bicycling skills?!


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