The Lone wolf in the Red Neck Riviera

As you probably read in the Blog, the Lone Wolf left the pack for a few days. Roger and Bob drove 45 miles outside of New Orleans on Thursday and bid me a fond farewell. ( Roger added a heavy phone book to my biking bag for extra weight.) I was very fortunate to catch one of the few days we have had with a tail wind and was able to ride 103 miles to Daulphin Island Alabama in 9 short hours. I awoke Friday to 40 degree weather and a strong north wind. I was freezing cold by the time I got to the ferry and the 35 minute ride on the open ferry only made it worse. I can’t remember a time ever being so cold. Once off the ferry I peddled like a mad man to warm up. There was extra incentive to ride hard because I wanted to see Linda and my son Hagan and grandchildren Oliver and Hazel as well. I was able to get an early check in at the Hampton Inn in Orange Beach and immediately took a 30 minute hot shower. I was standing on the street 2 hours later when to my joy, I saw the green Escape with 2 sweet kids in the back seat. After hugs and kisses and just a few tears the fun began.

If you don’t know about the Alabama coast you need to check it out. It is nothing but white sand beaches with the beautiful green/blue gulf water as far as you can see. Hazel and Oliver ran up and down the beach, and even though the water was chilly they even went swimming. The next day it was more playing and sunning, then Saturday night we all took a ride on a 50 ft. catamaran in search of dolphins. Hazel saw one swimming in the bay. Sunday we had enough time for more beach strolling and swimming in the heated pool. Our short vacation ended with another ride on the ferry. This time it was warm and sunny and very calm seas. Hazel and Oliver said it was the best short vacation they had ever had. Hagan and Linda dropped me off in Biloxi MS. so I could once again be with the pack. It was a great 3 day break and recharged me to finish the last leg to St. Augustine. As you could see from blog when the Lone Wolf was away the pups did play. L.W. Brian






4 thoughts on “The Lone wolf in the Red Neck Riviera

  1. Lacy

    Wow Brown…great seeing those grandkids!..that would do it for me, too!!…enjoy the rest of your journey…safe travels.. & see you when you get home!, Sis Lacy..

  2. Heidi

    That was really sweet, “Lone!” glad you got to see Linda and hope you are overflowing with happiness when you see Florida, Ho-dog

  3. Paige

    Ahhh sounds like a great time was had by all! Bet the kids loved the sights, but loved seeing their gramps even more! Hag looks good as ever, too! Miss you!


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