Shrimp Boats and Shrimp BBQ 4/8/13

With the whole STCR crew back together, we left Biloxi, Ms. this morning without arm warmers or coats for only the third time in our whole trip. We adjusted our route to take us on a more direct line to Dauphin Island, Alabama, our home for this evening. The route was calculated to be 64 miles which Ron and Brian did. The recumbent riders took a scenic detour on Shell Belt Road in the town of Bayou La Batre that made our day closer to 70 miles. This detour let us look at how people in this area earn a living. Their main industry is shrimp fishing but we also saw a lot of boat builders in the area as well.
Since we had a fairly short day and we were in an area known for shrimp fishing, Brian unseated Roger as the head chef for the STCR crew by serving up jumbo shrimp from the BBQ, cole slaw, fried potatoes and vegetables. Our driver, Jill, upped the level of culinary delight by surprising us with strawberry pie. Ron accurately described it a “seafood feast”!






20130408-211832.jpg Shrimper




20130408-212424.jpg Mountains of oyster shells










4 thoughts on “Shrimp Boats and Shrimp BBQ 4/8/13

  1. Jerry McClelland

    You are really clicking off the states these days. I guess you found your stride in Texas. I’m envious of you as you ride along the gulf coast. I’d love to be there to look for my lost shaker of salt. You are in Buffett country! Watch out for wayward Parrotheads! Enjoy the ride.

  2. Rick Glessner

    Windy, cold, northwest Iowa under ice storm warning. Glad you are enjoying your trip, just a few more miles.


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