Third Day is Still a Charm

Today (Sunday)makes three days in a row of perfect bike rides: clear skies, rolling hills on good pavement with interesting timber scenery. We easily burned through the first 31 miles today to meet Jill on the road. She had procured some great deli sandwiches along with watermelon, bananas, cookies and macaroni salad for us to eat. This was a ride through rural Mississippi that has many more mobile homes and double wides than you would see in rural Iowa. But it also had many middle class and upper class homes mixed in. The one common denominator was dogs. The smaller the home the more dogs it seemed to have guarding the property. At one time we estimated that Ron had eight dogs chasing him at one time! Luckily the bigger dogs seemed to usually be tied up while the ankle biters were out in full force. We are at a nice Best Western motel in Oceans Spring, Ms.

As we look forward to the Lone Wolf’s return . . . oh never mind here he is.

Drove down to the gulf coast then had supper tonight at Snapper’s Seafood in Biloxi.













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