Can It Get Better Than This?

Early Thursday morning, Roger and I took Brian about 50 miles east of New Orleans where he started his own little bike ride to meet his family on the gulf coast. He will meet back up with the STCR crew on Sunday evening in Biloxi, Mississippi. I am sure he will have stories of his adventure to share on a future blog post. Later on Thursday morning the crew loaded out of the Pelham Hotel in New Orleans for the trip back to New Roads where our biking journey continued this morning. We all enjoyed the city of New Orleans and encourage everyone to experience it for themselves.

This morning it was 45 degrees when we biked out of New Roads at 8 am, so once again we donned arm/leg warmers, jackets, and long fingered gloves to stay warm on an overcast morning. It was worth it though! Next to the Texas hill country riding, we felt this was one of the most enjoyable days on the bike. Rolling hills, tree canopied roads, open pasturelands, and some pine forests entertained us all day. Early in the day we crossed the Audubon Bridge over the Mississippi River. It is a massive engineering feat that was built in 2006. Other highlights of the day included antebellum plantations with 200 year old oak trees lining the driveways. The clouds cleared about noon and the sun was able to warm things up to about 70 degrees. It was one of those days when we realized just how fortunate we are to be on our bikes. — Bob






20130405-212337.jpgGlencoe Plantation





2 thoughts on “Can It Get Better Than This?

  1. Jeannie Aldredge (Allens SIL)

    Based on the amazing photos & my conversation with Driver Jill today about her New Orleans experience, I definitely need to add this to my travel list! I absolutely cannot believe that this winds up your 5th week of the cross-country adventure! Time travels too fast. Wishing you continued safe travels & lots of happiness & laughter, as you pedal onto Florida.


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