A Big Day in the Big Easy

We picked up Jill at the New Orleans Metropolitan Airport at 10:45 this morning and made our way into the core of the city. The Pelham Hotel where we are staying is only one block from Canal Street which borders the west side of the French Quarter. The streets are narrow, vehicles are numerous and parking is at a premium in this area of New Orleans so we were glad to find that the hotel valet parks all it’s guest vehicles, even those with 12 foot cargo trailers!

We have sampled a muffuletta from Central Grocery Co. and beinets (think state fair funnel cakes in a new form) from Cafe Du Monde. The Jackson Square gardens and views of the Mississippi River from the river walk were exceptional. Of course the sights, sounds and smells of Boubon Street in the heart of the French Quarter had to be experienced first hand to understand. The cliche of ” a bar/restaurant on every corner” is taken to the far end of extreme here, with only an occasional t-shirt, trinket or voodoo shop to add variety. New Orleans is also the home of huge southern antebellum mansions that had to seen to be believed.
We all experienced the live music and night life of Bourbon Street and can only imagine what Mardi Gras is like. The rest of the stories will have to be told in person!

20130404-190805.jpg The Pelham Hotel

20130404-190859.jpg Unloading


20130404-190955.jpg Entering Jackson Square


20130404-191111.jpg Jackson Square


20130404-191224.jpg Jill, our new driver










20130404-192806.jpg Celebrating at Bourbon Street Blues Company


4 thoughts on “A Big Day in the Big Easy

  1. Heidi

    This takes me back to a spring break to “Nahlens” when JD was in 4th grade! Very fun and interesting! Cafe du Monde, Baybee! Glad you all are having a great down time! Here’s to downhills and tailwinds and 70 degree days all the way to St. augustine! Cheers! Ho

    1. art leo

      art here – looks like a great time in the big easy what are those red drinks? also looks like really mild temps short sleeves and shorts great pics


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