Singing the Flat Tire Blues Along the Big Muddy 4/2/13

Left Ville Platte, La. at 7:30 am and soon entered Chicot State Park for about 7 miles. The park was peaceful and beautiful, especially the bridge over Chicot Lake which highlighted hundreds of bald cypress trees growing up out of the shallow water. After leaving the park we started seeing growing corn and wheat fields about the time a new crop appeared. Sugarcane being grown on furrowed ridges seemed to be a major crop for this area of Louisianna.
We began paralleling the Mississippi River and it’s levies in the afternoon which provided some magnificent views. Many small churches and cemeteries half above ground dot the landscape.

We have been fortunate the last week in that no one has had any flats. That changed today when Phil had a blowout of his rear tire sidewall while we were helping Roger look for his phone. How did Roger lose his phone you ask? Well, he was practicing his ” stop, drop, roll, then click out” manuver while pulling over for “valet parking”. But enough about Roger. After 100+ miles for several of us, we loaded up the bikes in New Roads, La. and drove to our motel near the airport in Baton Rouge. This allows Teresa to get a short shuttle ride to her early flight back to Chicago Wednesday morning. We are grateful for Teresa using her spring break from teaching to support 6 old guys out for a bike ride. She has done a great job taking care of us out on the road. At least she was able to get some warm sunshine out of the deal as we hear Chicago has been as cold as Iowa lately.
Wednesday morning we will drive into New Orleans to pick up Jill Aldredge at the airport. She will be driving for us for the remainder of our adventure. –Bob











armadillo yoga


20130403-074145.jpg Bagger boy , Caleb



20130403-074449.jpg Roger takes a tumble

20130403-074547.jpg Phil’s flat







6 thoughts on “Singing the Flat Tire Blues Along the Big Muddy 4/2/13

  1. Linda

    Teresa: Not sure that the warmer weather makes up for having to take care of these 6 “cranky” guys for a week BUT thanks for taking such good care of them!

  2. Trevor Bower

    Thanks for continuing the updates on your ride across America.I have really enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures of this adventure.

  3. Connie Demers

    I look forward to your blogs every night. Great job in keeping us informed of your adventure. What a great way to see the country!

  4. Dan Bertsch

    Great pictures. Hope you are enjoying your day off today and tomorrow. Hope you didn’t party to much in New Orleans. Roger – it works better if you stay on your bike!


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