Crawfish, Rice and Louisiana Hospitality

From DeRidder, La. we road 75 miles through Louisiana farmland today to Ville Platte, La. This farmland is a whole lot different than Iowans are used to. The two crops were crawfish and rice! There were miles of fields flooded with a foot or so of water and rows of crawfish traps the length of the field. Other fields had been drained and had rice growing in them. We were told by a local that this was near the end of the crawfish season here in Louisianna. After some morning fog the ride itself was great and the people were all very friendly! This area is table flat and we only had about 550 feet of vertical climb over the whole 75 miles.
In addition to getting the oil changed in the van, Brian whipped up beef stroganoff over fried potatoes and cold slaw for supper tonight out around the hotel pool.
À shout out to my in-laws, the Shelly and Jim Crouse family who sent a care package of trail bars and Easter candy to the Best Western here in Ville Platte. The STCR crew have already dug into it, but we’ll try to make it last a few days. –Bob






20130401-194539.jpg After tree harvest



20130401-194854.jpg Crawfish traps set in field

Flat bottom boat for crawfish harvesting








6 thoughts on “Crawfish, Rice and Louisiana Hospitality

  1. Pam German

    After cold weather, head winds, hills, and rain you have earned this!
    Enjoy the southern hospitality! Great pics!

  2. Kevin

    Mmmm, fresh crawfish. I’m surprised that those weren’t in chef Brian’s sautée pan tonight! And that Westinghouse sign. You’d better go grab that before it ends up on American Pickers! Great recap and pictures as always!

  3. art leo

    art here wow again the pics are fabulous as is the narrative!!! lone wolf while we are not friends (jut bike acquaintances) you are my hero (along with the other five)!!!! keep pedalin

  4. Dan Bertsch

    Subbed today so was able to check out your progress. Glad to see things are going okay and that you finally got out of Texas. Keep on trucking.

  5. Trevor Bower

    Thanks for continuing the tour notes and pictures. I hope you were able to enjoy some crayfish at a real Cajun side of the road cafe. So delicious!


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