A Perfect Day With a Surprise Ending

We left Silsbee, Texas, on Easter Sunday with temperatures in the mid-sixties, a tailwind and a wide smooth shoulder with flat terrain. Life for a cyclist doesn’t get much better than this. We cruised through several small towns and were greeted by people in their yards with calls to have a “Happy Easter” as well as some dogs that needed a little exercise. It seemed like a perfect day until we saw some ominous approaching clouds. Smart phones were consulted and we found there was a severe thunderstorm with potential hail approaching. We stopped at a post office in Bon Wier, Tx. to wait out the storm but the sun came out and we decided to carry on. We finally crossed the Texas/Louisiana line which was certainly a cause for celebration for us. After two weeks in Texas no one was sorry to leave. The clouds got darker and darker as we approached DeRidder, La. This was compounded by a sign showing that the road on the route was closed 12 miles ahead. It was decision time: Should we proceed and hope that we could somehow get around the construction and beat the storm or load the bikes in the trailer and take the detour? Five of us decided to keep going and hope for the best. We were about a mile from the construction site when the temperatures dropped from the low 70’s to the low 50’s and the wind pick up. It was a relief to see our faithful driver, Theresa, parked by the side of the road with the back door of the trailer open. Five of us loaded our bikes in the trailer to end the ride for the day just as the rain began. The Lone Wolf soldiered on. We in the van found a detour that the locals used around the construction as the storm raged around us. We gave Brian several opportunities to join us in the van but he courageously waved us on. As we approached DeRidder, we anxiously waited for the LW to make it into town. He showed up wet and a little worse for wear, but still pedaling and told us to proceed to the hotel. We were grateful to be in out of the weather and want to wish all our friends and families a Happy Easter. It’s shrimp on the barbie tonight. — Ron

20130331-165126.jpg Bon Wier PO storm stop

20130331-165336.jpg Interesting gulf coast moth


20130331-170216.jpg Roger the Fireball

20130331-170340.jpg Louisiana, finally!

20130331-170618.jpg Sabine River


20130331-172048.jpg Threatening Storm


20130331-172158.jpg Lone Wolf, courageous or crazy? You decide . . .

20130331-172414.jpg The chef at work

20130331-172513.jpg Mmmmmm, guacamole!

20130331-172613.jpg Social hour

I guess everyone needs a hero, but Duck Dynasty? Really?


11 thoughts on “A Perfect Day With a Surprise Ending

  1. Lacy

    That’s my Bro…The Lone Wolf…..proud of you!…we ate ham balls & pickled eggs in honor of you today!…can’t wait for you to get home so you can fix us some of your guacamole!….thinking of you this Easter…. safe travels…love Sis Lacy

  2. Paige

    Thought of you today, Uncle Brown. You would have been choked up in church with me! Happy Easter! Still following your blog daily & thinking of you! Ride on!! Love ya!

  3. Heidi

    Good thoughts! Good pix! Good life! Glad all is going well for you guys!
    May Monday be gentile as well.

  4. Kevin

    Lone wolf crazy? With this picture as proof, I’m not sure that requires debate. You go Allen. Loved your pic with Willie! Of course now that you finally made it out if Texas and to the Robertson’s home state of Louisiana, maybe you can stop by Monroe and get your pic taken with the rest of the clan. Happy, happy, happy.

  5. Susan Reynolds

    Someone takes great pics. Perhaps it’s a group effort. Like every state, Texas has it’s beauty and then there are the not so appealing parts. Thanks for giving us evidence of both. I too am a Ducks Dynasty fan. It’s good to laugh. Best wishes to all for continued safe travel and unique experiences.

  6. Cindy Angel

    Hi guys! I have really been enjoying your posts, and especially the photos of flowers and GREEN leaves and grass! It’s still brown and ugly on the Northern Iowa tundra. I rode my bike through snow as recently as March 28. Ride safely!

    Cindy Angel (Devil Dog)


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