ABCs – Antiques, Bluebonnets, Cattle

Phil went to the bakery this morning and came back with fresh donuts and kolaches, so we had a sugar high as we rolled out of La Grange about 7:45 this morning with a warm humid breeze blowing out of the SE. We were mainly going NE so the crosswind was not a problem. We had 10 miles of a beautiful rolling country ride on a two lane road when suddenly the traffic became nearly bumper to bumper. We had unknowingly entered a 13 mile stretch of the Round Top Antique Festival from the town of Warrenton all the way to Round Top. We had never seen that many antique vendors in one area. Their website says there are thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of buyers . . . and this year 6 bike riders!
The countryside today was magnificent with 200 year old oak trees, oak savannas, cow herds on grass pastures, and upscale ranch homes with landscaped gate entry ways boasting their name or brand. Several pastures of longhorn cattle caught our eye as well as simmentals, salers, highlands, and a group of Santa Gertrudis heifers with a huge angus bull.
A stop in Burton, Texas found us devouring homemade pie and huge chocolate walnut cookies at the Burton Cafe. Fields of wild flowers, especially the bluebonnets, were stunning as we rode alongside them. Our 70 mile ride brought us to the Best Western motel in Navasota, Texas. I am detecting some impatience with getting through Texas on the part of some of the STCR crew. Hey, it’s a big state and we have two more days in it!
Tonight we grilled steak and tilapia while Brian whipped up some rice with Rotel tomatoes and salad. We had our own little picnic in the middle of the Best Western parking lot. It was a great meal! — Bob

20130329-210708.jpg La Grange, Tx. courthouse

20130329-210814.jpg Burton Cafe pie





20130329-211326.jpg Drill bit on entry gate










20130329-212039.jpg Looks like Brian has a new sous chef!


5 thoughts on “ABCs – Antiques, Bluebonnets, Cattle

  1. Larry

    Sounds like someone in the crew knows a little too much about cattle?
    Looked like a great day after some challenging ones.
    Larry AKA Mr. Pure

  2. Jerry McClelland

    Great pictures. The ride looks a whole lot better than it did in West Texas. It looks like you are enjoying the ride. Just wondering, did any of you follow ZZ Top to the shack outside LaGrange?


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