“Best Little Bike Ride in Texas” 3/28/13

Cloudy, but a warm 54 degrees this morning, and we were happy to take it. We left Austin about 8:30 am on side streets, bike paths, and bike trails. The wind out of the SE continued to hold us hostage today. At about mile 50 we entered Bastrop State Park. Although it was a lot of up and down riding, the park road was smooth asphalt with very little traffic. We then rode right into Buescher State Park which provided us with more of the same type of riding. Both parks had been severely affected by a forest fire that occurred on Labor Day Weekend in 2011. We rode through hundreds of acres of mostly conifers that have died due to the fire. Although some replanting of small seedlings had taken place it will be 35 years or more before the scarred land truly heals. After the parks gave us 11 miles of riding while protected from the wind, we finished the day as we started, with headwinds for the last seventeen miles.
Although La Grange is famous for “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, we are all too tired to go look for it! Roger did however spot the “Best Little Hair House in Texas” today, but we can’t figure out why he would ever need a hair salon considering his current hairstyle.
Teresa did her part for us today and was waiting at the Oak Motel in La Grange with the van, trailer and iced refreshments in the cooler. She and several of the STCR crew think this Oak Motel reminds them of the motel in the movie “No Country for Old Men”. I haven’t seen the movie so I guess ignorance is bliss! — Bob

Roger should be smiling since he’s looking through his rose colored glasses.


20130328-201044.jpg When you gotta have onion rings, I guess Funions will do!

20130328-201305.jpg Forest fire destruction














2 thoughts on ““Best Little Bike Ride in Texas” 3/28/13

  1. Eva Dobson


    I am enjoying keeping up with the ride and the pictures and the blog. My brother lives in Kingman, AZ and has traveled the southern AZ and New Mexico route many times. Keep pedaling đŸ™‚ Eva

  2. Heidi

    Glad you have had some easier days of late. is this hump week? Here’s to a good day on Good Friday! Have a peaceful Easter!


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