The Lone Star Rest Day

The STCR crew spent a much needed full rest day in Austin today after battling the Texas winds for the last several days. Phil’s daughter Teresa, who will take over the driving duties for the next week, has joined us. Her husband also flew down and will be flying home tomorrow. The day started out with some of us venturing down the street to Whole Foods for breakfast. After that we all headed off to see the city of Austin. The first stop was the University of Texas campus. The lone Husker fan among us could be spotted gritting his teeth several times at all the burnt orange. The Texas Tower and the football stadium were highlights of a very nice and expansive campus. After that, the crew headed over to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum. The library sits adjacent to the UT campus. The library is a must see for anyone who visits Austin. Johnson had quite the reputation as a talker and persuader. A new feature of the library allows a person to pick up phones around the museum and listen into his private telephone conversations with his cabinet and various members of Congress. It’s mostly him talking and them listening.

Lunch today consisted of either Subway at the stadium or sushi. After lunch, everyone on their own time line spent time touring the Texas State Capitol Building. It is second in size only to our nations capitol. In the morning we get back on the bikes and head to La Grange. GO HUSKERS!!! Allen

















Teresa McQueen-Crawford, our new driver


4 thoughts on “The Lone Star Rest Day

  1. Dan Bertsch

    Well I finally got to a computer that woul let me check on your blog (I am subbing at the high school – dial up doesn’t work very well with all the pictures). I sounds as if you have had a lot of various and wonderful times so far on the bikes. Ron – what is with all the flats? I thought that that was Brian”s thing. Now that you have had a days rest I am sure that you are all anxious to get back on the bikes and continue your adventure. I sure would have enjoyed being there for some of the cook outs. It appears that the bikes are all working out okay.
    I had a great time in Scotsdale. I spent some time on a bike (250cc) while there and did some off roading in a jeep. Skiing was great last week – fresh powder on Thur and fabulous weather on Fri. We did eat at the dam brewery.
    Have a great time on the rest of your trip and I look forward to following it on the blog.
    Stay safe and keep on trucking.
    Dan Bertsch
    PS – Allen – Duck dynesty might not be on next year. They are having a conflict with the contracts.


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