A Typical STCR Day

Today we just biked 17 miles into Austin so we could get Rick to the airport this morning. Phil’s daughter, Teresa and her husband Mat flew in from Chicago this morning also. After our full rest day tomorrow, Teresa will take over the driving duties for the STCR crew. After a visit to Mellow Johnny’s bike shop we did laundry and are taking it easy. Since this was a quiet day, we thought you may like to know what a typical day on our ride is like. Read on . . . — Bob

A day in the life of STCR-

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a typical day on our STCR journey but we have, over the past couple weeks, developed a ‘routine’, if you will, of what typically happens. Here’s a synopsis of the routine.
1. We usually wake up anywhere from. 5:30 to 6:30. (Brian- the former. The rest of us- the later.)
2. After a quick weather check, we decide what to wear for the day. ( Lone Wolf checks by sticking his nose in the air and sniffing the wind. The rest of us either check online or catch a local tv weather forecast.) It’s been pretty chilly, by Texas standards, with lows in the 30’s, so most mornings leg-warmers or tights, arm-warmers, jackets, gloves and ear warmers are the standard STCR garb.
3. After a quick breakfast at our hotel or the nearest truck stop, we usually hit the road pretty close to sunrise which has been around 7:45. Family members will be glad to know that we all improve our visibility by having tail lights and headlights as well as brightly colored jackets.
4. Most of the rest of the day is spent riding our bikes. You don’t do a cross-country ride without spending a considerable amount of time on your bike. In normal riding conditions, we’ll typically go 15-20 miles before taking a break. Unlike Iowa, STCR has not been rolling in to a small town every 10 to15 miles. We typically might have one or two pass thru towns on a 70+ mile day on STCR. We have been truly blessed to have three great drivers. First Dan Bertsch, then Joe Gezel, and, currently, Rick Runyan have all been just at the right spot to give us a break, a cool drink or something to munch on if we’ve needed it along our daily route (oh, and extra tubes if you’ve been having a lot of flat tires).
5. Typically throughout the day, we’ve ridden in one or two small groups but stayed fairly close together (within a mile or two of the other riders).
6. We’ve ridden in to our motel/hotel usually around 4 pm on a shorter day to 7 or even 8 pm on a longer day. Upon arrival, we usually crack a couple beers and deal with any bicycle issues, cleaning chains and getting whatever adjustments necessary to ride the next day.
7. After showers and cleaning up, we are up for food. When Brian’s cooking, which we all like, we usually sit around drinking a beer watching the “Master” at work. He’s really a good camp cook and really enjoys barking commands to the rest of us who are involuntary sous chefs.
8. We finish the evening in a variety of ways. Many of us watch tv while updating our Facebook pages. Allen works on sharing his pictures with all of you. I’m not sure what Allen does at Northern Natural Gas but I hope it has something to do with photography. Bob has willingly accepted the role of “blog master”. He spends hours some nights getting the blog out to you. The rest of us proofread and add to the blog but it really is Bob’s baby. He’s been doing a masterful job at it if I do say so myself.
9. The night is usually over when the last exhausted STCR cyclist wakes up in his room to the sound of snoring or the sight of a roommate drooling into their pillow from utter exhaustion. As they roll over to shut the lights out, they notice it’s only 9 pm.
I’m speaking for myself but know my fellow riders feel the same. Thanks to all our family and friends for the love, support, prayers and well wishes. We all are truly having the time of our lives. The riding, while at times challenging, has been remarkable. While our STCR crew are friends and becoming closer, we do occasionally get on each other’s nerves. We’ve all got the finish line, St. Augustine, firmly on our minds and are persevering towards that goal. –Roger

20130326-180054.jpg Laundry time with smartphones!

20130326-180937.jpg Extended Stay motel in Austin

20130326-181318.jpg Downtown mansions of Austin



9 thoughts on “A Typical STCR Day

  1. Jill

    This is a great reminder of the effort it takes to live out of a suitcase and ride a bike 80+ miles a day! For most people that doesn’t sound like much fun, but I know you guys wouldn’t trade it for anything. Counting the days….:)

  2. Ann

    Enjoy your rest day in Austin. Good music and great food. I am keeping sunny thoughts for you. I am watching the 10 inches of snow slowly melt away here and counting down the days until my feet hit the sand. Love to you Bob!

  3. Pam German

    I am so jealous! Enjoy your time seeing the sights! Hoping for warmer weather for you for the rest of your ride!

  4. art leo

    art here have a blast in austin keep shep on the leash i’m enjoying reading of your adventure every day stay safe!!!!


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