Cold Wind and Traffic 3/24/2013

The weather turned on us. Last night we lingered outside after supper in the balmy, 80 degree weather. Maybe we were a little too smug about our weather, knowing that snow was predicted for Iowa. A front went through overnight bringing a cold 47 degree wind to face this morning. Once again we donned cold weather gear to start the day. As the day wore on we added more layers to stay warm in a wind that was 25 – 30 mph all day long. As any bike rider knows, cross winds and head winds are draining no matter what the temperature is. However, today the real story was the heavy traffic. Highway 90 had as much traffic as most interstates back home. While the shoulder was wide enough in most places, the surface was rough and the traffic noise unnerving. Road construction north of Hondo, Tx. forced us to trailer the bikes to Bandara. This was a move no one complained about since the wind would have been directly in our face. In the end we rode 67 miles windy miles into the Texas hill country to a Comfort Inn & Suites in Boerne, Tx about 3:30 pm. The day was hard enough that we pretty much kept our heads down and pedaled. Thus in the end there is less to blog about! We are at Chilis for supper in our blue jeans and sweatshirts – the wind is still cold! — Bob
Quote of the day, “We are not buddies, just biking associates”. Guess who?

20130324-190404.jpg Texas Hill Country



20130324-190907.jpg Double Diamond Ranch

20130324-191217.jpg 200 acre horse ranch

20130324-191344.jpg Grooming barn



20130324-191517.jpg bikes & gear in the room


4 thoughts on “Cold Wind and Traffic 3/24/2013

  1. Trevor

    Yup, Texas weather can change very quickly. You will need to watch out for “Blue Northers” coming through. I’ve experienced the temperature drop 30 + degrees in less than thirty minutes in central Texas. The weather went from bright and sunny to freezing sleet in less than thirty minutes.

    I hope you are all enjoying the Texas Hill country. The Blue Bonnet’s and other wild flowers cover the range land. Stop off in Johnson City if you have a chance. It used to be a favorite place to stay when LBJ was president.

  2. Bart

    And how much snow are you dealing with today? Great to notice, even with the rough chip seal roads, no flats! A good omen!


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