Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Yesterday,(Friday) was the first rest day we have had that we did not have to get on the bikes at all. After the last few days of hard riding we definitely needed a rest day. The time was spent washing clothes, picking up some items at Walmart, and visiting a bike shop. Ron bought new Schwalbe Marathon tires that are considerably beefier than what he has been riding, so we all hope this will solve his flat tire issues. In the afternoon we spent some time at the hotel pool enjoying the sunshine!

We left Del Rio this morning with no coats, no arm warmers, no leg warmers. This was the first day since our Pacific tire dipping on March 3rd, that we could take off in just jerseys and riding shorts. Of course, the bikes we rode on March 3rd are just a memory for most of us now!

It was overcast this morning, but a warm 66 degrees at 8 am when we left town with a slight tailwind on a smooth road shoulder. We rode along at 15-18 mph for ten miles toward clearing skies when something changed. As we left Terrell county the road surface changed. Texas is famous for it’s chip seal roads, but the next 50 miles was some of the roughest chip seal any of us had ridden on. The road shoulder was very wide and very rough. The traffic lanes were only marginally better but steady traffic kept us on the shoulder 90% of the time. This rough road shook the bikes so much that the two bolts that hold my rear disc brake caliper to the frame came loose and dropped the caliper down on the rotor. Luckily it dropped as we came into town, so I was going slow enough to hear it and stopped to retighten the bolts before they dropped completely out. The final 15 miles into Uvalde, Tx. smoothed out considerably as we road to our Motel 6 accommodations by about 2:30pm. After a short rest with refreshments, we did a grocery run and chef Brian captained another great meal of pasta and meatballs, with lettuce salad and garlic bread. We are presently lounging outside in the very pleasant 89 degrees with only 13% humidity. Life is good! — Bob

PS – We thought it appropriate that we traveled through Bracketsville, Tx. today, since like many of you, we are cheering on the ISU Cyclones and the Creighton Bluejays. Both teams made us proud in their last game.

20130323-183807.jpg Rest day pool shot

20130323-183852.jpg Rough chip seal perspective

20130323-185112.jpg Allen and his jackolope make it through a Border Patrol checkpoint.

20130323-185302.jpg Border Patrol camera setup

20130323-185511.jpg Border Patrol drags the fence line to allow the footprints of illegal border crossings to show up.





20130323-190342.jpg Much of this area is pretty desolate.


7 thoughts on “Shake, Rattle, and Roll

  1. Jerry McClelland

    Ron’s new tires might make him lose my reward of a bottle of Jack to the flat tire derby winner. Good choice Ron. No one likes to repair that many flats. Good luck to all of you as you deal with bad roads and winds. You guys are true road warriers!


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