Texas Ramblings from the Lone Wolf

I had no idea that Texas was so diverse! We go from irrigated farm land to sage brush desert in hours. There are low mountains ranges, plateaus and grass lands with cattle grazing and then into rocky mountain passes. Standing water seems to be non-existent in west Texas. We have crossed the Rio Grande river several times and I have yet to see any running water in it. Yesterday we crossed the Pecos river where it runs into the Rio Grande. It was the first running water I had seen in 5 days. “This is no country for the faint of heart.” We crossed a mile long bridge over the Amestad Reservoir going into Del Rio and the water was a beautiful blue. You could tell though, the water was down 40 – 50 feet.

Today we are resting by the pool in balmy 90 degree weather as I hear back in Iowa they are expecting another 3 to 6 inches of snow this weekend. “Life is good for the Lone Wolf and his merry men.” In 4 days we arrive in Austin and I am looking forward to the bright lights and music. The Lone Wolf might even kick up his heels to the Texas two-step.

Recipes for hungry bikers: Pasta & meatballs 2 1/2 # of hamburger (1 Chicken bread for Ron.) 2 jars of sauce, mushrooms and onion. 2 boxes of pasta. 2 loaves of bread. 1 tossed salad. “No left overs!!!”

Fried Potatoes for 7 5# potatoes, 2 onions, 2 peppers, 3/4 cup olive oil, s&p, fry it up, once again “No Leftovers”. Hungry bikers have to eat!

Until next time, “y’all”, Lone Wolf

Phil says “thank God Brian had a sore paw which kept the pace down, or I would have not made the longest ride on a bike in my life, with or without headwind!”

This was one of the most difficult 120 mile rides I have done, including the Triple Bypass. The headwind was relentless all day. Finishing it with Phil and Brian made it possible! – Bob
















9 thoughts on “Texas Ramblings from the Lone Wolf

  1. Trevor Bower

    Texas is a big state. When stationed at Ft. Hood I drove home to LA when on leave. By the time I reached El Paso I was half way home. How long will it take for you to cross this giant state?

  2. Deb Ulstad

    I am so enjoying your updates and photos! Will turn my headwind “fan” on high while on my trainer tomorrow thinking of you guys! Still a foot of snow and 26 degrees in north Iowa! Enjoy!

  3. Kevin

    Yeah, springtime in Iowa has the robins singing and the snow blowing sideways. (The robin’s must be lost again.) Wish I were there in Texas with you enjoying that gorgeous scenery in the 90’s and Brian’s great cooking!

  4. 1Maybelle

    “I never want to arrive. I love the ride.” ― Coco J. Ginger
    Some of these long rides must seem never-ending. It’s a good thing you and your bikes love the road!


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