Another Long, Cold, Windy Day in West Texas

The STCR Crew left Fort Davis, Texas, right at sunrise for a 109 mile trek to Sanderson, Texas. The temperature was in the high 30’s which was not inconsistent with those in the upper midwest. It was overcast much of the day.

We had some climb in the first 30 miles, After indulging in doughnuts in Alpine, Texas, we proceeded toward Marathon. There were no services for the next 52 miles. It was during this stretch we noticed “the Hawk” hitting us in the face. The wind grew stronger as the afternoon progressed. Fortunately this was offset by a gradual downhill which continued most of the afternoon. We arrived in Sanderson close to 6:00 pm. The day was challenging but rewarding. Brian summed it up best when he said, “This is not a bike ride, but Lonesome Dove on wheels.” –By Ron and Roger

20130320-211809.jpg Fixing Ron’s 8th flat

20130320-212004.jpg Brian supervising the flat fixing




20130320-212509.jpg Zoom lens optical illusion








6 thoughts on “Another Long, Cold, Windy Day in West Texas

  1. Bart

    One century down and another tomorrow! Hope the weather is better. Stop putting those little wires from the tires in Ron’s tires!


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