And They Call the Wind “Wonderful”

No, we aren’t in Oklahoma, but we are ‘way out west’ in west Texas. Today we traveled 75 miles from Ft Hancock to Van Horn, Tx. The wind made it an easy trip and we were in by 3:30pm. The Flat Tire Derby got some more entries today with Ron flatting at the motel before we got started. After just 3 miles Phil had his second flat and while it was being fixed Brian pulled a thorn out of his own tire which immediately went flat, giving him the lead once more. We rode a number of miles within sight of the U.S.-Mexico border fence along a lonely stretch of road. But don’t worry Marilyn (Allen’s mom) and Nola (Bob’s mom) the only movement along the road was a couple of javelinas and a lot of border patrol agents! This is a pretty desolate part of Texas. We only had one town on our route today and it wasn’t much. We stopped for lunch there in Allamoore, Tx. at a Subway sandwich shop that was built into a little convenience store. It was doing a brisk business with all the border patrol agents, ICE agents, and corrections officers. Our route put us on Interstate 10 for over 12 miles, but there was a wide shoulder. Traffic was very heavy and loud which makes it nerve wracking. The rest of the ride amounted to us riding the hawk on some pretty flat roads into Van Horn. It wasn’t too hard to spin up above 30 mph with the wind’s help. The weather report looks like we will have at least one more day of the wind helping to push us along. After that it may be turning against us, but hey, we came to ride and we will. Since we got in early we went to the market and got the fixings for shrimp on the barbie, fried potatoes, onions and peppers and a big lettuce salad. The meal and cleanup was a joint effort by the crew tonight. – Bob

20130318-195740.jpg Just to show how far west we are!

20130318-195853.jpg Roger is way too happy about other people’s flats.

20130318-200003.jpg It’s a long way to nowhere out here.

20130318-200133.jpg Brian retakes the lead.





20130318-200402.jpg Crew cooking.





7 thoughts on “And They Call the Wind “Wonderful”

  1. Trevor

    What a great adventure! I know the area well from my time in the service in Texas. Be careful and have some more great times.

  2. Kevin Knape

    I’m certainly not a mathematician but I have noticed some common denominators on the Wiznousky Memorial Flat Tire Derby Stats. The 2 uprights of Brian and Ron have a total of 11 flats while the 4 recumbents of Allen, Bob, Phil and Roger only have a total of 6. Are Brian and Ron that much worse at steering their bikes through standard road hazards or are the others maybe… I’m just saying…

  3. Pat Mundt

    Pat and I have been following your ride with great interest. It isn’t a surprise that Brian is in the lead for flat tires, especially with his thorny personality. Please keep a weary eye on where Brian gets his shrimp for the barbie. Don’t let him have them mailed in……….

  4. Kevin

    Brian has got it going on. Look at the spread he’s got there on the back of the trailer. I’m wishing I was there for the food!


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