While the Cats are away……Pam’s Birthday

(Three of the STCR crew’s better halves got together Saturday and offered this blog report of their activities. Although Allen, Brian and Bob’s wallets may be a tad lighter, you can bet they won’t be able to complain! – Bob)
Saturday’s forecast in the Omaha Metro was 30 degrees, overcast, with a 10 mph cross wind, but we had a lot of ground to cover and knew that we needed to get rolling. We stretched our legs with a little climbing and a brisk down hill run to some shops just outside of the neighborhood. Credit cards were tested, everything seemed in working order and we were on our way! Our second stop took us to Omaha’s Old Market for a leisurely roll through the historic district. We maintained a good pace for several hours and then we all seemed to get “flats” at the same time. A quick water and nacho stop at Stokes and we were back at it. With evening fast approaching and cold head winds bearing down, it was time for a change of pace. We headed West to check out the sale at the Bike Rack. Pam & Linda both picked up new riding gloves and Linda resisted the salesman’s pressure to pick up a $6000 new Trek. Next stop, Garden Ridge aka “shopping sensory overload” where outdoor lawn furniture cushions were purchased by all. Big decisions as you can see from the pictures. Minor property destruction occurred when the fake flower display that Linda had just passed by, jumped off the pallet and onto the floor. Linda & Pam frantically worked to repair the damage, while I helped out by hurrying to get a picture! That last stop took the wind out of our sails and it was time to run down dinner. We hopped on the interstate and headed to Malara’s Italian restaurant in Omaha. Homemade spaghetti and tortellini pasta with ‘just right” sauces and a couple of glasses of wine to toast the birthday girl, the guys, and good friends, were just what we needed after all the miles we had traveled that day. On the way home we made an off the trail stop for our good friend Art. Pam and Linda will be dropping off a special parcel to him soon! Home and in our comfy clothes we took in a movie, tasted a little Rumchata and had a couple of glasses of Kunde 2009 Sonoma Valley Cab before calling it a night. Sunday morning we hit Dixie Quicks in CB for a special breakfast and a quick look at their current gallery showcase and then Pam & Linda hit the road back to Central Iowa. We loved our time together and we are a little jealous that the guys are getting a full 7 weeks of that kind of bonding.
Looking forward to seeing each other on the road again soon! – Jill









9 thoughts on “While the Cats are away……Pam’s Birthday

  1. Teresa Wichtendahl

    Now Bob, that’s MY kind of day, especially with Kunde wine, Rumchata and shopping! None of that climbing 9000 feet of elevation in one day for me! You gentlemen keep up the good work and stay safe!

  2. Kevin Knape

    You girls have to be so exhausted! I’m wiped out just reading about it!! Now about that Runza sack though… that really made my mouth water for a good old original cheese runza.


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