Good Day On The Road

We left Las Cruces about 7:45 am this morning on a flat road through miles and miles of pecan groves. We burned through the first 40 miles in 3 hours and stopped at Subway/McDonalds for lunch. As we pulled into Subway, Phil had his first flat of the trip – a big thorn in the front tire. Now Roger is the only rider who has not had a flat and by the looks of those motorcycle tires he is riding on, it may be a while. We shall see. The next 36 miles was a whole different story. We rode against a crosswind for most of the rest of the ride, 11 miles of which was on Interstate 10. Although there was a wide shoulder the traffic was heavy and loud! Still, we were at the Super 8 Motel in Clint, Tx. by 3 pm. Along the last part of the ride, Brian retook the lead in the Flat Tire Derby, with several thorns sticking in his front tire. We have just devoured a bowl of guacamole and will be having hamburgers and fried potatoes for supper. Once again, life is good!

Brian is getting good at this!

20130316-204401.jpg San Albino Church in Las Cruces.





20130316-205507.jpg. El Paso sunsets


3 thoughts on “Good Day On The Road

    1. rlgerman Post author

      No worries Connie, the pecan tree we ate from was at a roadside pull off. They are pretty serious about that stuff down here. The squirrels are in heaven down here! Bob


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