A Rio Grande Ride

The smell of egg burritos and pan cooked ham wafted out into the parking lot this morning as I took my bags out to the trailer. Chef Brian had done some prep work last night in the kitchenette of the tiny Barbershop Plaza Motel (7 rooms total) so breakfast was quick and wonderful. The ride from Hillsboro to Las Cruces, NM. was a 79 mile dream ride in perfect weather under sunny skies and no wind. We are now coming out of the mountainous part of our ride. The advantage that Ron and Brian had on their upright bikes while climbing is now giving way to the better aerodynamics of the four recumbent bikes.
After we did about 10 miles of climbing out of Hillsboro, the Rio Grande river valley spread out before us. The next 69 miles followed the fertile farm ground through the valley. Pecans, alfalfa, cotton, chile peppers, and onions seemed to be the main crops in the area. All of these crops are irrigated by flooding the fields. The last 15 miles into Las Cruces we picked up a slight headwind but we stayed together. Joe stopped several times along our route to support us with water and food. We picked a few pecans off a tree at one of his stops and saw two road runners at another. After getting into Las Cruces we drove to the Outdoor Adventures bike store to buy supplies, about $500 worth. Roger and Phil were excited because Ron bought a supply of tubes. Now if he will just carry them on the bike!! Laundry was the next order of business. Roger and Joe met Fernie and Perla, friends from a mission trip three years ago, who came up from El Paso to take them out to eat. The rest of us went next door to the local Applebee’s for supper. Everyone is back now and ready for bed to rest up for tomorrow’s 75 mile ride into El Paso. — Bob

20130315-230958.jpg Leaving the Barbershop Plaza Motel

20130315-231147.jpg. Pecan Tree

20130315-231253.jpg STCR crew munching on pecans.

20130315-231352.jpg. Uh-ohh!


20130315-231639.jpg Nothing like a few onions!





4 thoughts on “A Rio Grande Ride

  1. Mike & Vicky Brenner

    Thank you for giving me a beautiful spring break visual tour! A real travelogue treat! –Vicky


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