Shout Out Night

After a couple of hard days of riding in the hills of AZ. we are finally settled into a routine and have a little time for some shout out thanks.

First:  the Trek Bike Superstore of San Diego.  They sold Brian a new bike at the sale price and the accessories at 25% off.  They were very cooperative and had the bike ready in about an hour.  They were able to get Ron fitted with a new high-end bike by 4 pm in the afternoon and gave him the same discounts.   “Thanks fellas”

Second:  Forrest Ridgeway,  He was able to provide Brian with the serial number of his bike for the S.D. police.  He also contacted the owner of the Trek dealership to let them know we were coming.  Forrest also provided Bob with a discount on a new Showers Pass rain jacket to replace the stolen one.  It’s great to have a dealer and a friend you can count on when you need help!

Third: Jill Aldredge’s boss Bob Lembke, who contacted his daughter-law Jeane Lembke at Garmin. Jeane was able to express ship Bob a new Garmin 800 to replace his stolen one. Now if he gets lost it is all on him.

Finally:  All the Spin class instructors at the Waukee YMCA. Gwen, Penny,  Bill, Chris, Lauren, Joan and Dawn.  We have a 115 mile ride tomorrow with 9,000 feet of climbing and thanks to your efforts we will be more than ready to attack it.  “You are the best”.

Again, many thanks to all of you! — Brian and Bob


One thought on “Shout Out Night

  1. Linda

    Yup…Forrest and BIKE WORLD are the best!! Know that the Waukee Y bike instructors ask about your progress and well being often! Please, tho, send some of that warmth our way so Pam and I can bike outside instead of spin. We are sick of the snow! Love ya and be safe.


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