Globe to Safford, Az. 3/12/2013

Today’s ride of 77 miles from Globe to Safford, Az. was a good run with few climbs and just a slight headwind to keep us from getting cocky about our abilities. There was a layer of frost on the van as we left about 7:30 am and put in a good 18 miles through the Apache Indian Reservation before stopping in Peridot, Az. for coffee and snacks. Brian was tempted by the spam & eggs but opted for a homemade Mexican tamale from a roadside stand across the street. Some of us wondered if there would be digestive repercussions down the road, but Brian says he is fine tonight.
The scenery was noticeably greener today as we wound through the Santa Teresa Mountain Range with snow covered Mt Turnbull looking down on us. The amount of broken glass on the shoulder of the road and the number of glass bottles along the road side contrasted with the natural beauty of the landscape. Arm and leg warmers came off at our next stop at a rest area in Bylas, Az. at mile 44. Joe pulled in with the trailer so we took some time to eat and rest. Then we were on the road for another 24 miles to Pima and Taylor’s Ice Cream Shop for root beer floats, shakes and other assorted treats. As we left the ice cream shop, we had a new entry in the flat tire derby. Allen’s back tire flatted. Although he is claiming it was a manufacturer defect as the rim tape was not installed properly, his appeal was denied in short order on a 5 – 1 vote! We pretty much burned through the next 9 miles and rode into Safford to the Days Inn, our home for the night, about 3 pm. Homemade pasta and meatballs, lettuce salad, and French bread out by the motel pool for supper. Life is good!

20130312-212246.jpg Mt. Turnbull

20130312-212436.jpg Roger gets creative with glass bottles along the road. Can you read it?

20130312-212656.jpg On the bike action shot.

20130312-212823.jpg Allen’s entry into the flat tire derby.

20130312-213039.jpg It takes “big” wrenches to fix Roger’s bike!

20130312-214200.jpg Supper by the pool


4 thoughts on “Globe to Safford, Az. 3/12/2013

  1. Susan Reynolds

    So creative with the litter – bottle art! Weren’t there enough to add “was here”? Sounds like you’re riding pretty hard and experiencing some chill since your first few days but able to enjoy each other and surroundings. The pictures are such an important part of the posts.

  2. Jessica

    Hi, I have been following your blog. I am doing southern tier as well and hoping to see you guys. You are catching up to me, I am in Silver City. Will you be going to the Gila cliff dwellings or going via the Santa Rita mine?


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