Switching Drivers 3/10/2013

On Sunday Dan Bertsch, our first driver, signed out and we picked up our second driver at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Dan came out with us in the van from Iowa. He helped us through the initial turmoil of losing our bikes and getting them replaced. This required a lot of extra driving in the San Diego and L.A. area. Once we started into our routine of biking everyday, Dan provided road support when needed and fit right in with our group. Dan roomed with Roger and Ron. Roger reports that Dan not only brought their bags to the room but was known to fluff their pillows too. (Bob says this is more than our readers want to know.)

Joe Gezel has now taken over driving duties and even brought crucifixes for the other riders which had been dipped in Holy Water. Don’t worry there has been no conversions, but we all appreciate any divine interventions we can get.

Sunday’s ride was a short 18 miles to finally get us out of Phoenix metro area. The Lone Wolf (Brian) did what lone wolves do, went off on his shortcut to the motel and got there 20 minutes after the rest of us who stayed on route! For supper we grilled hamburgers and chicken to have with the deli salads. –Bob & Roger

20130311-160750.jpg The STCR crew showing off their new crucifixes.





20130311-161404.jpg Cactus growing near our motel


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