Our Climbing Legs Get Broke In

It was about 45 degrees when we left Gold Canyon this morning to tackle 50 miles and 4000 feet of vertical climbing – our first real challenge of the trip. This is what the elevation looked like:



A better part of the day was spent climbing through passes and one tunnel all the while dealing with a lot of traffic. Tonight we are staying in Globe, Az. which is known for it’s copper mines and smelting operations.
Flat Tire Derby update: Brian, our current leader, threatens to run away from the competition. He had his 4th flat tire this morning at the trailer before we left the motel. Bart, he didn’t even ask for a vote. Jerry, Brian says he is getting thirsty. — Roger & Bob

Pictures of the day







4 thoughts on “Our Climbing Legs Get Broke In

  1. Bart

    Brian, a flat at the trailer is waaaaaay better than on the road, and I ‘d argue at it wasn’t on the road… How were the recumbents on the climbs?

    1. Heidi

      I just want to know if the hotel rooms in any way resemble the legendary “inner sanctum?” Keep up the great chronicling (is that a word?) it is great entertainment and a testament that you all can retain your good humor! Down the road…Heidi

  2. Michelle

    Just reading through the blog since coming back from Fredericksburg (thanks Bob, for the route maps!) and am catching up on your progress across the US. Sounds like you guys have had the trip of a lifetime already!! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the adventure.

  3. dave olson

    congrats on getting thru the Tunnel at Superior alive..uphill at that eh? You will like the climb into the Black Range in New Mexico..be sure to stay at the Black Range Lodge in Percha..have Dave make some red pepper popcorn..ummm


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