Leg one Down and Dirty

As we rolled in to Mesa on a cold, cloudy, and drizzly day, leg one of the STCR is in the books. “Just some rambling thoughts” We have gone from the blowing snow of Vail Pass to the glitzy lights of Vegas. “Wow” We’ve dipped our bikes and feet in the cool Pacific Ocean. “Thrilling” We road our bike through the Imperial Valley of CA. “Dad would have loved to see the farming.” The Vista’s and Saguaro Cactus of western AZ. were incredible. Pictures don’t do them Justice. ” This is a beautiful country, see as much of it as possible.”

I found it amazing that when you drive off the interstate and get away from the fast food chains, there is a whole different world out there. The waitresses and locals in the cafes and restaurants have been so friendly, supportive, and encouraging in our endeavor. “This is still the greatest country in the world.”


One thought on “Leg one Down and Dirty

  1. Donna Swigert

    What an awesome summary of your adventure so far! Rain, sleet, and snow forecast for next 24 hrs. Will be watching the Amazing Race from my home tonite….and thinking of you on your own Amazing Race! Enjoy each new moment!


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