Down and dirty part 2

We came upon a young couple is Aguila, AZ. that were fixing a flat. They were biking from Ventura, CA. to New Orleans and then to Maine, self contained. It would have been 5 days since our little bump in the road. The first thing out of the girl’s mouth. “Are you the guys that got your bike’s stolen in San Diego? “With the Internet and electronic media we are indeed one world.”

After all we have gone through the greatest thing about this first leg of the STCR was seeing John and Lacy and the Clinkenbeards at our motel in Mesa. I gave my sister Lacy a hug and a kiss for the first time in my life. “I guess an adventure like this does weird things to the Lone Wolf.” “Love ya Lucy Girl”

The only thing sad about our first leg, is that our driver Dan will be leaving us today. He will never know much his late night, interstate driving through Big Cities was a great relief to us. We became not a group of 6 but a band of brothers of 7. My greatest fear is that after baby sitting 6 old men in their 50’s and 60’s for a week he will have more in common with our wives than us.

One final note: To Oliver, Hazel, Eli, Ruby, and Rosa Mae. “Study hard and I want to hear a tune on the 3 violins and 2 basses when I get home.

More later – Brian

Dan at the roadside

Parting shot



6 thoughts on “Down and dirty part 2

  1. Lacy

    You’re awesome Bro!…I’m soooo proud of you!….thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!…God speed…love ya!…..Sis Lacy

  2. Bill Eby

    Sorry we missed you in Mesa. We have a condo there but are in Iowa this week. Good luck.
    Your cousin,

  3. Kevin Funk

    Hi Brownie,
    Enjoy your post. The camaraderie and perseverance of your crew is pleasant
    to follow. Keep up the good work -Ram Rod-
    Oh by the way I had to go to work today in the snow
    Your cousin Kevin


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