Roger & the Crucifix – (a working title)

It was a very cool ride out of Salome this morning at 7:45 am for the STCR crew facing a 54 mile ride. The forecast was for rain and unfortunately it did not disappoint. We climbed a steady 1-2% grade for 45 miles. We stopped midway at the Coyote Flats Cafe in Aguila, Az. for a second breakfast as the rain threatened (ask Brian about his egg sandwich). As we left the cafe the sky vacillated between clouds spitting rain and short spurts of sun until we were 7 miles outside Wickenburg when the light rain became steady. We were one half mile from our motel when it began to pour. Some hail was mixed in which tells you how cool it was. The real downer for the day was that in the downpour Roger took a spill but both he and the bike are ok. We got in about 2 pm in the downpour and later went downtown to the Wickenburg Feedlot Co. for supper.

The long flat road road out of Salome.


Roger auctioning off the crucifix after his fall.


Our lodging for the night



7 thoughts on “Roger & the Crucifix – (a working title)

  1. Roger Netsch

    I wasn’t auctioning off my crucifix. I was just tempting the guys with it. They all wanted to take it from me.

  2. Jeannie Aldredge (Allen's Future SIL)

    Those clouds look nasty. Hoping for clear skies & warmer weather for tomorrow’s ride to Phoenix. Stay safe out there!

  3. bnetsch

    The good Lord is looking over one lucky tall dog. Don’t ever sell that crucifix unless it’s to me!!! All of you keep safe and have sunny days ahead. Brother Bob

  4. Heidi

    The blogs are soooooooo funny and I love the pictures! Thanks for the wonderful charting of your course! Godspeed! heidi


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