Finally, “On the Road Again”

The sky was clear and sunny as the six of us rode out of Brawley, Ca. this morning about 7 am. Five of us were riding brand new bikes for the first time. None of us had ridden more than 30-40 miles at one time since last fall and now we had a 90 mile ride ahead of us. Would the bikes perform? Would the riders perform? They did and so did we!
The weather was certainly friendly today, pushing us along under sunny skies over miles of rollers through the sand dunes of southeastern California. As we turned slightly out of the tailwind and rolled through California’s Imperial Valley we were amazed at the table top flat fields of irrigated farmland where vegetables are raised on a grand scale. Rolling into Blythe, Ca. about 3pm a satisfied feeling fell over the group. We were finally “On the Road Again”. — Bob


Brian and Ron our diamond frame riders (upright bikes).

Roger, you know the one with the crucifix and the recumbent that didn’t get stolen!



Chef Brian and his sous chefs Roger and Bob fixing supper.

It takes a lot of electronics to blog your way across America on bikes.


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