STCR has a bad day

First of all and most importantly we are all ok.

Our adventure has, however, been tuned upside down. This morning at about 7am I went out to the trailer to put my water bottles on the bike and discovered that the trailer had been broken into overnight. Six of our seven bikes were gone along with various computers, helmets, bike bags, etc. It was like a bad dream that we couldn’t wake up from. Several San Diego police officers and detectives responded to the call. We made a police report and then set about trying to decide what to do. Pack up and head back to Iowa or try to replace our bikes, miss a few days of riding, and finish what we started. We chose the later.

It is 5:30pm PST, Brian and Ron have new bikes in the trailer. We are headed to North Hollywood to the largest Bacchetta dealer on the west coast to hopefully replace Phil, Allen, and my bike. Roger’s bike was the only one not stolen. He says it’s because of the crucifix he has tied to his handle bars. Some in the group are skeptical of this, me, not so much.


The police investigated the crime scene.


26 thoughts on “STCR has a bad day

  1. Jeanne Low

    Oh no! This is terrible! I’m glad you guys are staying the course though. Oh and I agree with Roger on the crucifix.

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      1. Terresa Netsch

        Funny joke Roger. Stealing the bikes was a good plan. (I know, not funny). Your not in Iowa anymore are you. Hope things get better. Glad you plan to still go ahead. Is there anything we can do to help? Let us know. We have an old Huffy Mountain bike in the shed but it probably needs tires! Be safe. Be Strong. I’m not Catholic but I will say a little prayer for all of you.
        God Bless

  2. Lisa (Veren) Green

    That is awful!! I would agree with you and Roger about the crucifix! There was a reason…. Here’s hoping the rest of the journey is bland and uneventful! 🙂

  3. Joe and Dorothy

    We are glad that you are all OK. We agree with Roger about the crucifix. Glad to hear that you are going to continue on.

  4. Jeannie Aldredge (Allen's Future SIL)

    A little snow in CO & some nasty thieves in CA. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in the way of these determined “Dogs”! Pedal on guys!

  5. Shannon

    Oh I’m so so sorry:( there are truly horrible people in this world! So glad you are all staying on board! You are an inspiration, all of you! Happy trails; Shannon, Phil’s neighbor

  6. Trevor

    What a bummer!!! Someone was watching the trailer and contents when the door was open. I hope your bikes were stamped with code numbers of some sort to identify them when found. I think you need to put an alarm on the trailer. Theft in the southern tier states is very common.

  7. acohrs35

    Tall Dogs will appreciate this. My bike had a Tall Dog sticker on the bag and a Tall Dog bandana tied on the bike. They ripped the sticker off the bag and cut off the bandana and left it a block down the street.

    1. Joan L

      How rude! Nothing like adding insult to injury!!! So glad you are continuing on….can’t keep 6 good men down!!!


    Heard about it this afternoon. Bike on tall dogs! Bike on! I am sure there will be more adventures but this one is a doozy. The crucifix has to be it for Rog.

  9. Shelly and Jim (Bob's SIL)

    Unbelievable! I was hoping that you might be delayed at some point, so maybe we could catch you in Austin on a weekend, but I never wanted this to happen. Keep the faith and hopefully good Karma and faith will follow you the rest of the way.

  10. Susan Reynolds

    Despite the awful reason for the delay I like to think it is for good; keeping you in the right place at the right time for the best benefit for the rest of your ride. So glad you are all able to continue on. I do hope they catch the stinkers who did this!

  11. Marie Larchick

    We are so sorry to hear about the theft of your bikes. They say strength comes from adversity. Bike On!!!! Marie and Art (Allen’s neighbors)

  12. Trevor Bower

    Maybe think about taking the bikes into the room with you each night to avoid this issue from happening again.

  13. Hagan Myers

    Get back on that horse and ride! Hopefully they’ll turn up. Can’t imagine recumbents are real popular at the pawn shops. Reminds me of when my buddy got his fixed-gear bike stolen. He found it a couple blocks down the street. Imagine the confusion that drunken college kid must have had.

  14. Larry Purcell

    Allen and others…So sorry regarding your misfortune. I hope you guys buy some really good locks and develop a strategy to “safe keep” your new bikes, funds, equipment, etc., safe for the rest of your trip. Ride safe and keep those knees a’churnin’!!! Larry P

    1. acohrs35

      Thanks Larry. Long day in the bike shop today. In the morning, five of us are going to get up and ride bikes that none of us have ridden more than a few blocks 89 miles and loving every minute of it. Temps are forecast to be in the 70s with light winds.

  15. Annette Netsch

    I am sure it was devastating when you saw that. Glad you all decided to continue on & not let those criminals win! They can take your bikes but not your pride. Hang in there!


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