Ready to Ride

Tomorrow is the day I have been getting ready for the last 10 years.   We are in San Diego and saw a lot of great scenery on our drive here.   The Southern Comfort Van did a great job of getting us here and there is no stopping us now.Thanks for all the words of support and there will be more to come.  Brian


11 thoughts on “Ready to Ride

  1. Linda

    It’s been your dream: Man against Nature! Ride safe…enjoy every moment…I’m with you every mile and am so proud of you! It IS worth giving up PV for….Love you

  2. Bob Netsch

    Will continue to pray that you have a safe trip. Have a great time and keep the shiny side up.
    Rogers brother Bob

  3. Lacy

    I’m proud of you too, Bro!….anxiously awaiting your arrival to Mesa, AZ!…take care & safe travels!…Sis Lacy

  4. Donna Swigert

    Your adventure will include both the expected and the unexpected…enjoy and accept the challenge of both! Likewise I admire your enthusiasm, your courage, and your spirit of adventure! Peddle on and I will be following your progress.

  5. Pam German

    Remember, it’s not the destination but the journey! Will be riding with you in spirit – wish I could be riding with you in person! Be safe!

  6. cathy

    My son said to make sure to check out Cecils Cajun Cafe in Deridder and try the tigerbuger or gumbo. It was delicious!


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