Welcome to our blog about biking Adventure Cycling’s Southern Tier Route.  The six of us intend to get up close and personal with the USA from the vantage point of bicycle seats all the way across the southern tier of states from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. The trip itself will begin February 28, 2013 but the adventure of planning and preparing has already begun.

     We are all members of the Tall Dog Bike Club here in central Iowa and have ridden many years and many miles with this great group of biking friends.  So as you follow this blog adventure, the reference to “old dogs” is shorthand for our shall we say “senior” status in a great bike club.


46 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Roger Netsch

    What a handsome group of young men!!!
    Guys, I’m gettin giddy. March can’t get her quickly enough. My last two days of work before retirement were Snow Daze!!! How great was that?!?

  2. Rae Corrigan

    Good luck Mr Netsch! I hope you enjoy your ride-you deserve it! The service corps and Stat will miss you, but your mission is so wonderful and I can’t wait to see just how many Mary’s Meals kids you help! Just keep riding!!!

  3. epstein17

    Look forward to following your blog. I will be taking my own trip at the end of May. Will be traveling from Farmington, Missouri to Astoria, Oregon. Will be traveling unsupported and camping most of the way.

  4. Jeannie Aldredge (Driver Jill's sister & Rider Allen's future sister-in-law.)

    This is such an exciting adventure! I will be following along every pedal of the way! Safe travels to all of you.

  5. Nancy Alden

    Hey Ron –
    Let us know when you’ll be going through Tucson and we’ll come down to cheer you on! Nancy and Jerry

  6. Melissa Soliday

    Must be rough to be so free and easy. Good luck to all you retirees. I am so jealous. Keep writing! Melissa Soliday

  7. Mark DiJulio ('stickman')

    Good luck to you all. I am very jealous. I know you will have a great time! (Oh, yeah, Ron Smith….remember, “carry no crap”.)

  8. Thrash Dog

    What a great adventure. I am jealous,also! Keep us posted on a regular basis! What is your ETA into St. Augustine?

  9. Danielle & David Mattiussi

    We are very excited for all of you, and especially Phillip. Have a blast – you have earned it! We can’t wait to read all about your adventure! Be safe out there. We love you.

  10. Bart

    And I too am wishing I was accompanying you on this adventure! I know it will be everything you are hoping for and more!!! Cherish every mile, even when you are suffering in the rain or on a steep ascent!

  11. Eman

    Enjoy the adventure. Each day will, no-doubt, bring may surprises and memories that will last the rest of your lives. Good luck and ride safe.

  12. Cathy Koch (another old dog)

    Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to following your adventures. so jealous of your ability to do this ride!

  13. Jeani Shepherd

    Great article in the REGISTER today, guys! And Ron, you old debate coach, try not to “argue” with your fellow riders (!)….remember me? HA! Have a great and safe time, gentlemen!

  14. Mike & Vicky Brenner

    You all are such an inspiration–proof that it is never too late to experience your dream! Roger, we are so proud to know you–great article in the Register!

    1. art leo

      Art here – Bart told me of your “minor” glitch yesterday. Hang tuff!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. You guys are too strong to be beat!!!!!

  15. Chris Kralick

    Welcome to California. Sorry to hear about the bikes. Even though Kathy and I are both working, if there is anything you need let us know and I am sure we can get some supplies to you.

  16. Julie Thrasher

    Nice welcome to California! Sorry to hear about the theft of your bikes and equipment. Hang in there and have fun on your new ones!

  17. Deb Ulstad

    Sorry to read about the set-back. Happy that replacements were found and you can get on with your dream. Looking forward to posts all along the way.

  18. Dawn

    Good luck, Guys…..especially the awesome Waukee Y winter riders Bob and Brian!! Your story is inspiring and your determination – even when a big evil curveball was thrown your way- is the way we should all live. Will keep checking in!!

    Rick and Dawn

  19. Chris Palar "Bear"

    You may be the old dogs but you’re still the “ELITE DOGS” in my book.(I think that was coined by Art.) Wish I were your driver and Aztec Sun God for the trip but I’m sure the Southern route will keep you warm and dry. Go Go recumbent power!!!! Ride safe.


  20. Kathy Winter

    Looking forward to following your blog. Very excited for all of you and what a great group!
    You all inspire me.

  21. Michael Jordison

    Sounds like an exciting trip! I would love to be able to do this and know that you are going to have some amazing times and stories before you get back! Heh,I thought a ride across Iowa was spectacular. St. Augustine will come all too quickly. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it guys! Hope and pray you all are safe.

  22. Heidi

    FINALLY I have Internet! Just heard a couple days ago about the thievery…those scoundrels! Are you sure Art didn’t have something to do with it? (check those handlebars for rocks or spaghetti!) Am envious of your joie de vivre and hope you all have a wondrous time full of tailwinds, downhills, and 70 degree days! Ride safe and bike til you bleed! (and be lenient…some dog may NOT be sniveling, he may just be STATING FACTS!)
    Heidi Ho

  23. Aaron miller

    Rite on guys. B-meyers used to tell me stories about weekend road trips. Funny stories about doing or not doing #2. From your old old buddy Double A.


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